Monday, February 1, 2010

sometimes, you just don't know.

So, I have some dear friends that I haven't talked to in some cases, years...that I can pick back up again like no time has passed. I have some friends or family members that have become my friends without me realizing it. I have had people in my life who were struggling in dark places, really fighting demons who keep it to themselves...who I honestly thought I knew. Sometimes when these things come to light, I am angry. Genuinely angry, simply because I love them and wanted to love them and support them when they needed it.

These moments come and often humble me. I realize that I was wrong. I realize that they don't know what I struggle with either. I realize that these are the things that really only can be known if you share. The bond comes with "bearing each other's burdens". But you can't assume a burden, without someone giving one up. You can't be given freedom from your burden, even from God (!), without willingly giving it away.

Sometimes, you can't help. Sometimes, you want to help, but the sympathy weighs just as heavy as the problem itself. Sometimes saying it out loud can hurt as much as the situation does. Sometimes, you just can't help. But God can. So, I suggest to you...pray for your loved ones. Even when they make you crazy, especially when they make you crazy...when you think their life is probably is one has no need for prayer. So dig out your army duds...and become a prayer warrior...even for those you think don't need it. They do.

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