Sunday, January 31, 2010


This is a fun Gabriel story for Alex.

When Gabriel was little, like 3 ish, we went to Walmart. He has always been a people watcher. On this particular occasion, he fixated on a "gentleman" that was tatooed from stem to stern. We know this because he used the "shirt" qualifications loosely. He was wearing one of those leather vests that snaps shut. He had tatoo "sleeves", all on his back, and chest; all the way up his neck, even.

At this time, Gabriel was in daycare, as I was working to get Ethan through graduate school. When he had good days, he would get ink stamps on his hands and on a behavior chart. If I didn't scrub him really well, sometimes they didn't wash off by the next day. At which time he would tell me that he had a really, REALLY good day, because he had two stamps.

So, Gabriel starts jerking my arm, then jacket, then pant's leg..."look at that guy. Look at That Guy! LOOK AT THAT GUY!!!" "Baby, Shhh!" "Mommy, LOOK AT THAT GUY!!! HE'S HAD SUCH A GOOD DAY!!!!! Look at all his STAMPS!!!!"

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  1. I love this memory! I think of it every time I see a heavily tatooed person!