Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mopping and Resolutions

I resolve to never mop again.

Well, I wish I could. I just mopped last night. It looked GREAT! Let me tell you. It was so clean it made the molding and walls look dirty. This is something which doesn’t commonly happen.

I made cheese ravioli for lunch today. It is one of my favorites! Yum. But, not only had I mopped last night, but I got all the dishes done and had cleaned the counters. It was really, really looking good! So, I decide to serve lunch on foam plates. To keep everything really looking clean, I wanted to avoid more dishes. To keep at bay any untoward event, I served up the meal and took it to the table. And dropped it. All over the floor. RED spaghetti sauce! *sigh* I guess I am glad it was me, so I didn’t say anything I’d regret to one of the kids…

But, I tell you this story, because I only ever have these incidents after I’ve done a really thorough mopping. If I leave the floor alone, there will be NO spilling of anything, for weeks, if I choose to push it that long. Why is this? Kinda an argument for the actual existence of Murphy’s Law if you ask me!

In real life, I only have a few resolutions for 2010. I figure if I write them here for the world to see I’ll be more likely to keep them.

Resolutions for 2010:

1.) As soon as I get the go ahead from my doctors, I plan to work out and/or eat less to accomplish a weight loss of 10 pounds this year. I think I could lose more than that, but I want an attainable goal.

2.) I plan to do more regular devotions. I tend to read a weeks worth of devotions locked in the bathroom when I feel like I am coming to the end of myself. I really need to do them more regularly. Locked in the bathroom is still probably the best place, but I need to try for it at least every other day, if not every day!

3.) God is poking me…I am trying to listen better and see if this is a “start right now” thing or, “I’ll be asking this of you in the future, so get ready” thing. So I guess I resolve to listen more regularly.

4.) I resolve to read, out loud, to the kids at least twice a week.

5.) I resolve to get myself into bed earlier than 11:30pm. I will be much more able to keep all of these if I do that!

6.) And like I said, I resolve to mop less…to keep the AWFUL spills on hold!

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