Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa Thoughts

Santa died this weekend.

Well, He didn't, but one of the coolest examples of Santa did.

Santa went to our church. His secret name was T Blue Sanderson. He was Santa. He looked like Santa, the full Santa beard and hair, all year long...he had the Santa laugh....but more importantly, he had the Santa heart and corresponding smile. I am not going to say that I knew him personally, but I have had the pleasure of seeing him interact with many kids at our church over the last 6 years...

Now, I have heard all the arguments of why you, as a parent, should not DO Santa...that it is all a lie, and that we will devastate our kids and scar them, when they Learn the Truth....I don't know that I agree...We have chosen to do Santa. I feel that it is an easy segway into why Christmas has become what it ties the presents and some of the holiday traditions to The Real Christmas. We have taken the tack, that Santa is what he was originally, a man that is celebrating Jesus' birth. That he is so overwhelmed of the Gift of Christ from God, that he gives gifts to children so they can understand the gift of Christ. That he is celebrating Jesus' birthday by giving out gifts to kids since he couldn't give to Jesus. I don't use the Big Bad Santa watching you and only giving presents if you behave...I only use Santa wanting to give to be like God...we all should, after all!

T Blue loved the kids. He never lied to the kids...he only ever committed to "seeing what he could do" if they asked for something...he told the Christmas story at Church, he sang in the choir every Sunday, he was a loving adult that was at church every Sunday.

Gabriel got into a fight "for" Santa in 3rd grade because "He IS real. I KNOW because he goes to OUR CHURCH!" Gabriel chose to believe for longer because we didn't trap him in the magical north pole nonsense...Elise showed me one of her first "memories" thanks to T Blue/Santa. She saw him coming out of the choir practice room during the summer at VBS, and she starts and said, "Christmas! HoHoHo! Tree!!!" I had no idea that she remembered Christmas, and that she had those memories and was so excited to see Santa in the summer was a very precious discovery for me.

Amelia got to see Santa at church. I am regretful that Charlotte will not get to see Santa being a committed Christian man. That was after all the greatest gift that T Blue gave to the kids at church! That is what I always hoped my kids would see Santa as...overwhelmed by God's Gift!

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