Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Letters

I am writing my Christmas letter this morning. I have never written a Christmas letter, well, I've never finished or sent it out... I have sent out Christmas cards. I have sent out Christmas pictures. I have sent out Christmas carols. I usually get half-way through a Christmas letter and realize that I cannot possibly cram my life into one page. I then take it apart and add and take away information and don't like it. In a fit of Christmas spirit, I usually send a Christmas carol.

I would send a carol and the Christmas Story every year. I feel that as a church and a country that we try to "update" the Christmas story to the detriment of that Christmas story. I think that we are losing the simplicity of the gift of Christ. I am sad that my kids don't know the Christmas carols! I am listening the 24/7 Christmas music on our local Christian radio station, in an effort to teach my kids the songs that I love so much!

I challenge you to listen to the Christmas carols...hear the Christmas Story with your "kid ears"...let your mind be blown by the size of God's gift to YOU! Listen to God's Christmas letter, He sends it out every year...and every year, it's the best one I receive! :)

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