Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Psychology of Dolls and Rocks

I took Psych 101 like everybody else in college...and then continued through Abnormal Psych, where I was terrified to see that perhaps I wasn't "normal"...and then through all sorts of education classes where they throw popular studies at your head, assuming to change your ideas and beliefs...they failed miserably...

However, I LOVE it when psychologists do studies where they conclude, with shock and fanfare, the same thing that generations have know for thousands of years!! My favorite example of this is that (can I get a trumpet fanfare?) boys and girls are different! *gasp* I know that knocked you right off your chair, right?

At this time in my life, I am wading through girl toys...Charlotte is loving baby dolls...Elise and Amelia liked them, and really enjoy playing with them now, but they didn't start out massive fans like Charlotte. I am afraid this may bode that she will be even girly-er? Ack! But I like to think that it just means that she is very mothering and nurturing...I guess we'll have to watch this one over then next couple of years...

Gabriel is my boy! He played with rocks and worms and sticks and dirt. And was tremendously happy! I loved watching him! I had forgotten boy butt, you know what I'm talking about, all squatted down with his pants falling down, just a bit, and digging in rocks, until friend's boy is about 6 months older than Charlotte, and he is all boy. He spent about 20 minutes moving rocks around in their drive-way this afternoon. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy!

I am reminded of a classic Gabriel story: He spent an ENTIRE morning digging and collecting worms, he would put them in his yellow plastic bucket...every once an a while he'd get them out and show them a good time in his matchbox cars. After SEVERAL hours of good fun, he got tired of them, put them all in his bucket, held them up to the sky and yelled, "Birdies, DINNER!!! Come and GET it!!!" And here I thought we'd have to house them all for weeks. Huh, didn't see that one coming!

I love my kids and enjoy the differences between them. They have different personalities, but they have a lot of basic time some one tries to tell you that boys and girls aren't different, invite them down to a real play-ground to watch the girls go through soap-operas and the boys break stuff...who needs studies when you have kids playing? For that matter, feel free to eavesdrop on any kids' conversation if you are in need of either a good laugh or insight for life. Free therapy either way...


  1. OOOO! What a treat! I check your blog MOST every day - and today I WAS GRATIFIED BY A POST which is still almost warm on the page! :D

    I loved your reflections, daughter dear! You always capture the magic and then draw bigger life-lessons! Where DID you come from?! YOU are magic! I am always blessed! Thank you, God, for this beautiful person who blesses me - and so many others !!

  2. so what you said and what your mom said too! you bless us all!
    I love the stories, especially Gabriel inviting the birdies to dinner. How funny!