Friday, October 9, 2009


We are just the tiniest bit shell-shocked right now...we are battling a pretty impressive round of flu/cold/yuck! I promise to be's going down the line. Elise brought it home and Amelia was the next to fall, but with much more drama...higher temps and more stuff with it. Charlotte got hit with it yesterday. I admit, I've been expecting it. Apparently, along with having Elise's eyes, they share the "pre-temp" temp. Their body gets super hot without running an internal fever....which eventually catches up.

We have been a pretty pitiful bunch. However, I have watched some dear friends fight worse lately, so I am actually thankful that this is all it is...

Praying thatGabriel, Ethan and I dodge the germs...

Talk to you soon, I promise.

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