Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Safety Pins and Laundry

I cloth diaper. You'd think with all the laundry I do, I would check my sanity at the door for having signed up for this. I LOVE it!

I have tried several different systems. There are some that are cheap, there are some that are pretty. There are some for Mommies (fun prints) and some for Daddies (quick and easy).

I genuinely like laundry in general, which is good. If you have more than one kid, you know that laundry isn't like addition, it is exponential. I like it because there is a concrete "done" factor. You start, you finish, clean clothes, magic. It smells nice, it is warm. It feels good and reminds me of being five. Kinda like home-made bread.

But I particularly like diapers. They are like baby socks. Tiny and limited to babies. I feel like I am handling Charlotte's Babyhood. I was genuinely depressed when Amelia potty trained. Mind you I was thrilled that she got teeny tiny panties, (which I also enjoy folding, little girlhood) and we got a measure of independence...but it is exiting babyhood. It is a beginning, but it is an end. I love my kids at every stage, and look forward to each and every one. But I mourn every one, too. (With the exception of the sleeping-only-two-hours-at-a-time one.)

I started cloth diapers on Amelia when she was a little over 2. A friend tried them and they weren't too bad...not like when I tried them on Gabriel with cheap dipes from Walmart...suffice it to say, it wasn't great...BUT there are so many more options! Since starting cloth, I have had NO blow outs. I have also not had near the allergies or the rashes. They are cheap compared to disposibles. They also have the added bonus of the cute fluffy butt!

I love being a mommy. I like my job. I like the every day stuff. I like being there with my kids. I think my conclusion is:

Laundry Soap and Bread Cooking Smell = Security, I guess. Mommy's there.

What's yours?

Monday, October 19, 2009


Again, bear with me.

I desperately want to try the Marvel one size by Kissaluvs. I think they would make a great over-night diapers. Plus, way cute prints! The prints remind me of MY childhood!

great dipe store!

This is a great site with great diapers....and forgive me, but I'd love to win some new dipes....Kickin' it old school...CLOTH!

If I'd known that htings had changed this much I'd have gone to cloth 4 kids ago!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Southerners and the C-C-C-Cold!

I'd like to defend a Southerner by choice and through my Papa, but a Yankee by can't adjust to the cold in 12 hours!!! Up north, they have this thing called fall, during which the temperature drops slowly over days, if not weeks...down here it'll drop by 25 degrees in an afternoon!!!!!! Nobody adjusts well that quick! If they say they do, they are lying and have a stash of long underwear and coats!!

I, furthermore, would like to address the ability for a southern town to shut completely down on the mere mention of snow. Now, I know y'all prideful yankees scorn this. After all you can drive 10 minutes of 3 feet of snow falling. This, despite your confidence, does not come from mad driving skills...this comes from the salt trucks and tire chains. In fact, if you don't believe me, check out the sides of the road for stranded vehicles when it has snowed pretty good down here...they are almost all displaced yankees. Down south, we have no snow equipment (at best, we get sand dumped on particularly bad spots) and we actually get a day or two off and get to enjoy the beauty and fun of snow, and then go back to work in normal driving conditions. Up north, you get NO time off, snow is not a novelty, nor a reason for smores over the gas range. So who is the more pitiful here?

I rest my case.

Friday, October 16, 2009


So I got the kids to school today. On TIME, no less. While this wouldn't be news in and of itself on a usual day, this morning we woke up 3 minutes before we usually leave for school. And I got Elise to school with a few minutes to spare.

It helps that Elise's dinosaur t-shirt was clean....and that she would happily live on crackers. She thought today was shaping up fabulously with it starting out like that!

Gabriel got to exercise his legal rights of staying home by himself and getting ready...he was pretty pleased by the results of the morning panic, too.

That said, I slept for about 6 hours last luxurious! The last couple of weeks I've been limping along on virtually none. The girls were all dropped with a virulent virus. Gabriel and Ethan dodged it completely, and I got it in my real divergence for me in the winter.

When I took the older girls to the pediatrician, I got blown off as to what they had because they got the symptoms "out of order" for the H1N1. When Elise went to the Endocrinologist and the Oncologist annual visit, they concluded that she had probably had it, as it was the only virus with these symptoms that proceeded to cause joint pain additionally. And, since when did getting sick run exactly the way you would like??

The joint pain was why Elise went to the pediatrician. Elise is either asleep or running. There is not much in between for her. And when she takes to shuffling about and complaining that she "hurts", you know that things are not right!

Amelia rocked a nasty temperature for about a week, and has declined eating. She is a skinny toddler and post this virus is looking epidemically waif-like. She has lived exclusively on Go-Gurt and it has gotten to the point, I would probably let her eat anything she asked for it!

Charlotte had a "quickie" fever and has progressed to the whining and pitiful stage and is in the holding pattern there.

This has hit us just after some friends lost their second child to cancer. Their oldest girl had cancer when Elise did. She didn't make it. At the time they thought she had a reasonably combat-able kind of cancer. Since then, they have discovered that she had ATRT, an incredibly aggressive form of cancer...that is also genetic. They have since had a son, Grant, who is Amelia's age, and another daughter, Annette, who was born in October 2008. Annette presented with the ATRT before her first Christmas and didn't make it to her first birthday.

After watching them fight twice...and lose, twice. The average flu just seems more like an answer to prayer...Grant does not have the genetic marker for the cancer that took his sisters...thank God. I am thankful that they have a dear baby to cuddle as they struggle with yet another brutal loss. But, I find myself angry at God for making them go through this valley once again. With loss again. I honestly believed that God was going to give them a miracle this time around, even up to the last. I am thankful that they are such godly people...I am thankful that God has wrapped his arms about them. But I am still flummoxed that God should ask this of them, again.

Yearly, I as I celebrate Elise's remission anniversary, I am struck by my blessings...and fight a bit of "survivors guilt". I got to keep my girl. Many do not. There is NO reason that I should get this blessing over someone else. By the time her birthday rolls around, I have spent countless nights pondering what Hayley or Maddy would look like if they had lived. What would their parents be doing to celebrate? If the girls would have grown up friends? If I would be as aware what a gift of GRACE each birthday is...among all my children. If I would be as thankful of colds and viruses...the lack emergency room visits, the lack of petechiae, the lack of panic. Knowing that Elise is 7, that she is on the developmental level below her 3 year old sister and that she may never move out, is worthy of praise and celebration...

That said, Elise is big into cooking right now and asked to make "brown cake" this week. She stirred and measured and glowed with pride. Who would of thought that cooking could be that cool?

We've had minimal Elise disasters lately...only ball-point pen incidents...sofa and really good ones. It's probably because she is recuperating from being's been fairly boring.

We are still waiting on her Thyroid results...but are expecting somewhat boring results.

And, as we have discovered, sometimes boring is good!

Friday, October 9, 2009


We are just the tiniest bit shell-shocked right now...we are battling a pretty impressive round of flu/cold/yuck! I promise to be's going down the line. Elise brought it home and Amelia was the next to fall, but with much more drama...higher temps and more stuff with it. Charlotte got hit with it yesterday. I admit, I've been expecting it. Apparently, along with having Elise's eyes, they share the "pre-temp" temp. Their body gets super hot without running an internal fever....which eventually catches up.

We have been a pretty pitiful bunch. However, I have watched some dear friends fight worse lately, so I am actually thankful that this is all it is...

Praying thatGabriel, Ethan and I dodge the germs...

Talk to you soon, I promise.