Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let's Give People More Credit....

In the last days, it seems so many people, in so many places, fuss about how nobody helps each other. I have always said, that yes, people can be selfish, but they will give if they are not forced to or griped at...and I have seen it in my life, and I have witnessed it in others'...that said, I've seen several sporting events where young people have given moments to others...I am sorry to say, I have forgotten what the last one was...it was a basketball game where a team deferred to another in honor of a players' death, I believe? This one is so cool and wish I could embed the article, but please follow the link!
There are some good young people out there and I am pleased to bring it to attention!

I would also like to applaud the dad for making his son work for his success and teach him a work ethic...and not just railroad the school into making them take him because of his disability!!

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