Friday, August 21, 2009

The Math in My Life...and some God Stuff!

Seriously, this post has no bearing on my life whatsoever! I am just sharing some interesting factoids...
I am the same age as Ethan's brother.
Ethan is the same age as his brother's wife.
Ethan's birthdate is mine reversed. 12, 21
My sister-in-law and myself were both "supposed" to be boys. My name was to be Jeremy (Ethan's first name is Jeremy) and Jenny's name was going to be Matthew (her husband's name). Both sets of parents DID eventually get their sons, with the appropriate names!
My sister-in-law's birthday is EXACTLY 6 months, to the day, from mine.
Both of my sisters-in-law are named Jennifer.
I have overlapped pregnancies with my sister-in-law and 2 of my best friends.
I have received 2 dear friends by marriage.
I have the same freckle/mole on my arch as both my mother and my son.
My daughter that stretches me the most, favors me the most.

Now for some God Stuff:
God prepped me for Elise. There is no other way to see it! I had planned to do something in medicine. So, I shadowed lots of surgeries, including 2 that Elise ended up having. I was pre-Occupational Therapy, which included LOTS of volunteer hours in both Physical and Occupational Therapy. I volunteered at Orange Grove in high school, which was a school specifically for profoundly handicapped people/kids. My favorite little boy was Downsy. I taught swimming lessons to a little Downsy boy while I was in college...the ONLY reason for it, was that his parents wanted him to be more comfortable in the water, not to panic. When I finally changed my major in college (2 weeks before my junior year started) it was to education, with an excessive interest in special ed. I accidentally got a minor in Spanish. I got my first job due to that very minor. My next job was in a special ed/inclusion suite in 7th grade Social Studies. I always went to the IEP meetings.

SO here I have a Downsy, my very favorite disability. She has had surgeries, that I have been fairly comfortable with, and perfectly familiar with. She has spent LOTS of time with the very therapies I had planned to make my career. I will have to attend ALL her IEP meetings...and I know what my basic rights are, I know what teachers are thinking. I know what to fight for and I know what to watch for.

And do you know what? Some people don't think God has a plan!!!! I just think that if that is your belief, you haven't lived long enough yet! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bless you!

Super quickie today. School starts back on Monday, so I'll be better about posting!

We were on vacation, so there are a few fun stories in that....but one I don't want to forget is:

We turned the water off at the road so something didn't go wrong and flood our entire you may know, when your water is off for a bit it gets bubbles in it and when you turn it back on it spits and gurgles and smells funny...Well, when we turned it back on, Amelia was the first one in the bathroom for a potty trip and washing hands. She came out with a funny look on her face, with water splattered all over her face and chest...She sidles up to me and says, "Ummm....the sink sneezed at me! Tissue?"

As for the rest of the fun, I'll see you on Monday!