Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mark Twain and Norman Rockwell

I LOVE living in a Small Town. I do! We had our annual 4th of July parade today. It was followed up by a Turtle Race, no kidding! AND you know the best part of the Turtle Race??? It was BYOT (Bring Your Own Turtle)! We'll be hunting turtles this next year...the winner was the champion for the last 3 years running! His "trainer" was offered to get paid off to NOT compete him next year by several folks! Second place was a turtle the size of a siver dollar that was ordered off the internet by an enterprising young's that for 21 century meeting 18th century...ha!


  1. It's true! We are witnesses - astounding as it sounds! 'Twas a sweet day from early to late!

  2. Now, THAT is funny! Crackin' me up!! I have never even heard of such!!

  3. Really cute! I love small town entertainments...well most of them. Seiously, was the dollar size turtle bred for speed? Are there race turtle farms somewhere that I havn't heard of? Maybe a new venture for me that I need to consider!