Monday, July 13, 2009

Funny Bunny and swimming

Charlotte has 2 bunnies that she LOVES to lick and chew on. Her favorite is white. Great. I have considered dying it with the gentian violet. It would be darker, and the way things are going, it may get purple eventually anyway...

She had it at Gabriel's swim meet. CLUTCHED tightly, the whole time. There was some banter about what its name should be. The final product wound up to be "Yack Rabbit". Due to her constant state of reflux merged with what I found to be a brilliant variation on Jack Rabbit. Katie and Ethan get credit...I love it!

At the self-same swim meet Gabriel qualified to go to state. YAY! I will let you know how that shakes out. He qualified to go on 2 relays and Backstroke. Backstroke should be good. One relay will probably be last. Seriously. Gabriel is 5th fastest in Freestyle, and because of it is on the B, they got lapped in the qualifying...state does not look good. To his credit, he swims all out, and doesn't grouse at his relay team...who are holding him back like a milstone. I am saying this in fact, not ugly. I promise. But it is frustrating for me for his chances! This whole year has been frustrating on how it has been run in general. A fun swim team is not fun, when it appears that your kids are hamstrung when tiny things could be tweaked for higher success. I think we will look around for other options for next summer...

Sunday was Amelia's Third Birthday Party! She had a "pincess party at the pool"! She had a grand time! She got 3 swimming Cinderellas...and she was equally happy each time she opened one!!! She gave one to Elise and one to Kelby (one of her "BEST friends!") for HER birthday...and will end up getting something else later...Elise was thrilled, and I probably would have suggested it, to avoid fights in the bathtub. She is such a generous baby. I love seeing qualities in my kids that I am praying for! I get so excited! God is good.

You can only do so much as a mother...all the rest involves prayer and God. Which is good, because I still wake up sometimes shocked that I have kids. Really. I love my babies. I am thrilled that they are mine! But I struggle with the oddity that I don't feel any different than when I was 10. I am 23 YEARS older, but I don't feel that much has changed in the core of who I am. I sometimes feel that I should buy a baby doll and have a tea party...which is why I love having girls (shocker for me)...'cause I get to keep playing! I supposed about the time I am shocked at how another 25 years have gone screaming by, I can enjoy more dolls and tea parties with grandbabies... :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mark Twain and Norman Rockwell

I LOVE living in a Small Town. I do! We had our annual 4th of July parade today. It was followed up by a Turtle Race, no kidding! AND you know the best part of the Turtle Race??? It was BYOT (Bring Your Own Turtle)! We'll be hunting turtles this next year...the winner was the champion for the last 3 years running! His "trainer" was offered to get paid off to NOT compete him next year by several folks! Second place was a turtle the size of a siver dollar that was ordered off the internet by an enterprising young's that for 21 century meeting 18th century...ha!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

But I Promise!

When I introduced you to Gabriel, I had mentioned that I was proud of his commitment despite his lack of natural ability in wrestling. He didn't have the competitive-ness/aggression that you really need to have in spades to excel. This summer, he has pushed himself so hard in swimming practice. Then will sit all relaxed in the "bull pen" waiting for his races like he is waiting for his turn at the concession stand. This is not my personality. When I waited for stuff like this, I was so tense that I was just shy of sick. I find myself wondering how he does it. COULD he do better if he got himself psyched up? Or does he just know that if he does his best, there is really nothing stressing will change? I wish I knew what was in his head!

All this said, he is having a really good year in swimming. Unfortunately, so are quite a few other kids. There are kids in other swim teams that are posting times that make you wonder if they has 'roids in their pixie sticks! The times are half what many of our kids are posting, Gabriel included. His backstroke is still pretty strong, but he'll have to push himself to fight for 10th, he really has no chance at contention higher than that. This situation caused our coach to reconsider going to the District Meet, and scratching State. Maybe "throwing" their own meet in place of.

This caused me pause. I don't like my kid to fail and feel badly. It is one thing to lose slapping at someone's feet, but it is another to be LAPPED. But don't we have a RIGHT to lose? Today's society is trying to take the competitions away because we don't want them to lose and feel badly about themselves. But don't you need these emotions to drive you and test your mettle? Don't you need to fail to pick yourself, brush off, and get back up? Perseverance needs practice so you can do it when it matters, doesn't it?

I find it odd that society pushes our kids into being adults in language, sensuality, dressing, and things seen in movies, shows, and experiences. BUT we refuse to let them try and fail...we would rather give them an inflated sense of they are shocked when they get out in the real world and aren't the amazing prodigies that they thought they were...

So, soapbox aside, I was proud of Gabriel this week. I told him what the coaches were he would know why and to see what his reaction was. He said, "But WHY?" He "promised" that he "would work his butt off in practice" and do anything I said, if I would "let" him go the district/state. I reiterated that he would not probably have any chance placing at state. He said he wanted to go anyway, that is what he was swimming for all summer...So, I am proud of his perseverance...I am proud of him wanting to "stay the course" and finish what he had started.

Anyone can start something, but character is shown by who finishes, despite everything. I was thankful for the glimpse of Gabriel's character.