Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Elephants - Let's Meet Them #1

I have had some fun stuff on the kids lately, and so haven't really introduced my crazys properly! So, since everybody is behaving themselves (sorta) I thought I'd do a who's who batch this week...

Gabriel - This is my oldest, he is my ONLY boy...thank God gave him to me, I think I'd have thrown up if I had had a girl first. (I was scared of them!) He is also my only chocolate-eyed baby! He is the baby that you prayed for...he was so EASY! He slept through the night within a month, could be taken anywhere, he was happy with everyone, and would taste actually became a bit of a parlor trick: here, eat this...He is still very laid back, but this quality is now slightly worrisome. I am now praying for a driving passion that he will fight for!

He is a top-notch swimmer! He is doggedly persistant in his practices. He doesn't like to miss them. Amazingly he was for his wrestling season (not his strength) too. Very proud of that!

I enjoy him very much! Gabriel is a reader, but surprisingly, not a writer. (Somehow I always thought they came hand-in-hand.) We are currently working through the Eragon books together. (I'm glad he made me, I actually like them!) I set him up a blog to practice writing...I guess we will see if that one works out!

He did phenomenally well with his Robotics Team this winter. I was so impressed how he worked under pressure, very calm and assured! He was very worried about not having an opportunity to do it again this year...but discovered that he will recently and was thrilled! I look forward to seeing what he'll get to do this year in middle school!

He was disappointed that he didn't get a baby brother this last go 'round. But he realized that he will eventually get brothers when his sisters marry, this last week! He now wants to get involved with his sister's choices and get guys he likes into the family. You should have seen his eyes when he thought about was too funny!


  1. Oh! I remember being "Aunt Flower." How did he grow up so fast?

  2. I loved the Eragon books! Good to meet #1! :)