Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Elephants- #4 Bad Baby at the Lake

My fourth child, third daughter, is Charlotte. She is a bad baby.

Now, don't get me wrong, I adore her and she can be very sweet! However, she doesn't like being a baby! She is dying to be big. She hates reclining anything, she wants to sit UP, thank you very much! She was 2 months old when I dug out a Johnny Jump Up, which she loves! She is 3 and 1/2 months old now and hates her baby car seat. She was trying to stand before she had full head-control!

Charlotte gets happier as she gets older. At this rate she will be at her most placid when she owns her own business!

We have battled colic AND reflux (not just spitting up, but full-fledged poltergeist throwing up)! I didn't know you could have both. There is a light at the end of the tunnel with the colic....for which I am thankful. I slept sitting up with her on my chest for about the first month...then we discovered swaddling...the tighter, the better...verging on child abuse...but it makes her happy!

We are currently fighting thrush. Nystatin is all very well and good, but there is this natural stuff called Gentian Violet...VIOLET is its name for a reason!!!!! It is the most violently purple stuff I have ever seen!!! But it works unlike anything I have ever used! It is magic!!! In less than 12 hours, it cleared up 80% of the thrush. We have some holdouts on her tongue, for which I am using it works better when your child does spit up constantly...because, you know, spit-up comes out through your mouth....and it will pick up said purple coloring as it comes through!!! It was funny...she would grin all toothless through dark purple lips and you could see her purple tongue...she chews on her all around her mouth and on her hands were all purple, too. She looked like she had hypothermia!

I will admit, I was hoping for bookend boys. Or even bookend brown eyes and it isn't looking good...But I am smitten. She is even more intense than Amelia. I have been told by so many mothers that the kids got more easy-going as they went along. Not here. Sometimes I wonder if my kids have gotten more opinionated down the line because they have to compete on some level with the older ones. Truly, none of my kids are without very definitive ideas!

She looks remarkably like my other kids. If you hold up baby pictures of Gabriel, Amelia and Charlotte, it is shocking how much they look alike. But Gabriel turned out chocolate and Amelia golden...who knows what coloring Charlotte will end up, I admit now I am hoping for red hair...For all she looks like the others, she does favor Elise. (To the point, during my sleep-deprived early months, I wanted to run genetic testing on poor Charlotte. I was afraid we had missed Downs again!) I think she may be the missing link between the is interesting how that should be...

Charlotte is even more of a pocket baby than my others. She isn't the biggest fan of strollers. She likes being worn in carriers that put her in the thick of the action. I think she likes deluding herself into believing that she is an adult.

This last weekend, we went to our Sunday School's Annual Summer Beach Day. It was grand! Gabriel had a fabulous time, of course! Water, Jet-Ski, Swimming, what is there not to like??? Amelia loved it, was a little fish and actually got angry when I took her on her boat ride. She wanted to keep swimming! Elise did better than I thought she would...LOVED her motor boat ride!!! Charlotte was a bit of a surprise. She is a solar-powered baby. She loves the sun, really! She had to be in it for jaundice, and through that we discovered if she was having a nasty day, take her out!! She calms down nicely! She also loves water, she kicks and coos in the bath and the swimming pool. At the lake this weekend, however, she had to wear a life-jacket. So she squawked a bit. BUT she calmed down pretty quickly. She ultimately ended up SLEEPING in her life jacket, floating in the lake. I am so not kidding! I was holding on to her a little bit and making sure she was safe, but she was not really being held much at all...She fell ASLEEP! It was so crazy, there were people everywhere, boats, motors, kids splashing near her, and she is sleeping in the was utterly bizarre!

So, I am very curious to see how she turns out! I need to make sure she gets her water and sun...and she likes to read...She is a lovely girl trapped in a misleadingly tiny body...I look forward to her escaping the baby shackles!

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