Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Elephants - #3 and Fabulous

Amelia is my third. She is also the oldest, somehow. She is such a tiny woman. She is my daughter, she is my mother. She is very needy. She is very giving.

She was a bit of a pendulum when she was a baby. She would be super social. She would need to hide in an upstairs room to regroup. She would be the perfect breast-feeding baby. Then she would turn around and demand to receive bottles exclusively.

As she has gotten older, she has continued to passionately pursue her whims. She is the most stubborn toddler. She is passive-aggressive, she will go toe-to-toe. It really is amazing how she can so embrace such extremes.

She loves her brother and sisters. She worries them and mothers them. She takes Elise's worst and she supports her and accepts Elise's advice. She loves sharing her room with Elise. She looks forward to Gabriel coming home from sports or school with an enthusiasm bordering on a concert groupie. She adores Charlotte. She mothers her and fights to take care of her...she elbows me out of the way to wipe up her spit...she would probably change her diapers if I let her!

Amelia is funny, she likes to clean! She gets upset when things are messy, sticky, or spilled. She loves to unload the dish-washer. She loves to sweep. I am actually in the process of looking for a real, workable short broom. They used to be I can't find any! But I figure if she thinks this is a good time, then I would love the help! :)

She is very intense and always has been! She loves hard and fights hard!

Amelia will make a great woman...I look forward to her taking over the world. She has the personality for an incredible leader. It gives me great peace, that she thrives in caring for others, because, realistically, Elise may need her in the future.

She is very resourceful. If given the opportunity, she will go from person to person asking for things. If you listen carefully, you will notice that she will couch the requests differently for different people. The request is no different, but the way in which she asks, is tailored for you. She used to sidle up to Elise and tuck her hand into the crook of Elise's elbow and say, "Come on, Elise! Help!" And Elise is putty in her hands. They'll go pick out snacks and then eat them under the tables!

She loves to read! She loves the outside! She needs sunshine. If it is overcast or we stay inside for too long, she gets snarly. (Much like her Daddy and Charlotte!) We HAVE to schedule outside time in this house, or the walls will close in!

I laugh sometimes and say she is not my child! I am not a pink, frilly, dress-up ball of emotions. She loves to dress up! She will gladly suffer blisters and bloodied feet for cute shoes. She will hobble around and wear uncomfortable things to look beautiful! "I NEED princess shoes!" Is a regular refrain from her. She much prefers skirts and dresses to any other clothing choice! I had to go out and buy some pink and purple play clothes to sell her on shorts for the playset! And let's not even get into what I have to do to get her into sneakers!! And she always notices what you are wearing, and compliments you on the little touches! I, on the other hand, would be happy if I never had to look at a dress again! Jeans are my uniform of choice and I would rather be beaten than be uncomfortable! I can only get Amelia into jeans if she gets to wear crazy shoes and jewelry....or a skirt over top! It is hard to wrap my mind around!

Elise eased me into being a mother of girls. Amelia sunk me into all my fears! But, she is an amazing girl. I have come to appreciate the skills that make up a woman. It can be scary...the emotions that pour from her tiny frame can terrify me, but I can see why God made the extremes...beyond the entertainment can be an amazing force that accomplishes so much...and wraps around you and supports and gives with such an openness! I am still not looking forward to her teenage years, but by then, I hope to have had more experience with the emotional rollercoaster that is my Amelia!

Who will she become? I cannot say. I am looking forward to discovering more about her. I can, however, guarantee that it will not be boring. I can guarantee that she will put her all into whatever she chooses. And I know that I will be stretched as a person because of it! AND she will look fabulous doing it, Dahling! :)


  1. You know I've only met Amelia once, when she was an infacnt. So to hear about all her incredible personality, its like someone I never met, which is basically true. She does sound like a character, one to keep you on your toes in a totally different way than the others, and yet to be a great helper. It would be great fun to meet her.

  2. I love reading about your kidlets! Amelia sounds like my kind of girl, lol.