Monday, June 1, 2009

Gabriel's First JOB

Gabriel is very excited tonight! He has been hired for his very first paying job outside the family!

He "landed" a dog-sitting gig for a neighbor and church friend! He biked over tonight to receive instructions. He brought a tiny notebook and wrote down all the info! I was impressed! He may grow up to be responsible after all! After all the 10 year-old stuff lately, it really does give a certain measure of peace.

Speaking of jobs...Amelia is working Elise pretty hard lately...she will beg Elise to come and help her do pretty much everything! Elise has been pretty cooperative and will collect as many potty gummies as Amelia asks for, telling me it is for her. She also scaled the toilet to get the jelly beans off the shelf for her this week. I am thankful for their camaraderie, I just wish it wasn't based in illegal activity! :) (All the candy in weird places is due to potty training...Sorry, I know it's kinda icky. But anything to get her out of diapers, right?!?)

Charlotte is still the rock-star. Both girls adore her and want to play with her all the time. I am to "make her happy" ASAP. Gabriel is such a helper, too. He will collect her and talk to her until I can get to her! How lucky am I?!?


  1. That is exciting! He's getting so grown up! I can't beleive he's a middle schooler now! He's still supposed to fit in my lap (don't tell him I said that though!) Do tell him I said congrats! I can't wait to hear about how it goes!

  2. This is a real milestone! Ask Ethan to relay how important it is to REMEMBER the dogs left in his care. Ethan had a fiasco in a dog-sitting gig once.