Monday, June 1, 2009


Maybe I should devote an entire blog to Elise...but, a friend blogged about the frustration of the things that get caught in dryers. I could so totally relate! I have washed several hundreds of chapsticks, gum (argh!), crayons and colored pencils (did you know that they melt in the dryer, only to harden/transfer on the dryer walls to transfer/ruin even MORE loads?), the key chain computer memory sticks (sometimes they can dry out and work again!), kleenex (worse than cat hair), and so very many lovely things...

Elise compulsively runs away, so we keep key bolts on all the doors to the outside! I worry when we go to other people's houses because she CAN get out and see what there is to see around their neighborhoods. She left my in-law's house a while back to play on someone else's swing set 2 blocks over! Nausea and fear. Now quite a bit OCD about her whereabouts! So when I don't hear her for a while, I will call around and see what she is up to...usually nothing good! Several months ago, I went looking for her. I called answer. I called her again, and I hear a tiny "yes?" It was not in her room, the basement, kitchen, bathroom...of course I start to panic a little...I call again, she answers again...It seriously sounds like it should be the kitchen, but she's not there. I call her again, and I hear a knocking...seriously could not figure out where it was coming from! Maybe she got inside the walls, I begin to wonder! (If it could be done, it would be her!) "Elise? Are you in the kitchen?" "YES!" I hear knocking again, it sounds metallic..."Elise, are you in the dryer?" "yes." "Would you like out?" "YES!" So, she put herself in the dryer. I check there now in my list of places when she goes missing!


  1. We used to play in the dryer when we were kids, and Malcolm loves to tell about putting Justine in the dryer when she was a baby. At least Elise does it herself by choice. Dryer's are funny for "catching" interesting things.

  2. I know a story about dryers and a kitten, but it is gross, so I won't tell you.
    My favorite is money because I have the rule that if I find money while doing the laundry I will consider it a tip and pocket it.