Wednesday, June 3, 2009


When I was little my momma made EVERYTHING from scratch!!! Dried fruit, yogurt, stews, you name it! Let me tell you these are some serious shoes to fill! I loved the smell and the sounds of her cooking, but I really wanted to read books more than I wanted to read recipes.

My folks are when I married a serious meat eater, the little I had learned about cooking was worthless, because I had to learn to "cook southern"...meat; fried; scary, odd-looking veggies; etc. I was treading to stay above water as far as cooking. I started teaching and came home so tired, that cooking made me sick just to think about it. I took the easy way out, Hamburger Helper anybody? Gabriel was happy with that!

As I had Little Miss Picky-Picky (Elise), cooking became even more of a labor.

I am only just now getting my kitchen legs. I have finally figured out how to make meals and not just food.

My MOST favorite smells and sounds of the kitchen were when my momma baked bread. It was the only thing my mother made that caused me to leave my beloved books. I loved kneading and EATING bread!

When I was pregnant with Elise I wanted bread, the more homemade (*expensive*) the better. So I decided that I would try it. I failed miserably! I threw away every batch I made. They were gross. I even went home and got my mother to tutor me. Still didn't take. I gave up.

My friend makes it. I was so jealous. She shared her secret. Her bread-maker does the first half...mixing...then she does every thing else. Apparently, I have a mixing disability. I used her secret...and it was fabulous! I felt like I ought to swing my legs from the counter while eating it so hot that jelly melts.

Maybe my mother can start to believe that she hasn't failed with me...there is hope! Maybe my kids won't die from nutritional deficit!


  1. Aaaww! Brings tears to the mama's eyes! Yes, swing that sweet little bottom up here and let me slather on some jam. . . That sounds real nutritional! :-)

    More than anything, I love that you're loving the delights of memory making! That's the sweetest part of being a mama!

    I love you daughter, dear!

  2. If its any consolation, I too come from a great bread baker...and have flopped at every attempt I've made to mimick! Oh well....maybe one day we'll master it!

  3. I'm so glad that the bread maker is now productive! It sat so long in the dark recesses of my pantry. I couldn't bring it out very often because I knew that I would be the one to slather on the butter and jam. I, too, come from a wonderful cook. I still remember the smell of homemade cinnamon rolls wafting through the house. Sweet memories!