Thursday, June 4, 2009


SO! Today is the day. Gabriel just noticed a girl. Not to say that he hasn't been overly aware of girls since he was an infant.

Just so you know about Gabriel and girls...He blacked his eye when he was about 2. He walked into a support column BECAUSE he was busy gawking at the Victoria's Secret Poster/Display. Yeah, really.

Okay, back to today. This is partially hear-say. Gabriel went to a dance recital dress-rehearsal for a friend (she's a girl). Really just because he was curious. He got into the car with the girl, and this is the reaction. He looked at her and starts looking really hard and says "Wow! You look nice! Hey! Have your eyelashes always looked like that? You look really pretty!" This was all said while he looked closer and closer, finally ending about 2 inches from her face. (Her mama is laughing in the rear-view mirror.) Notice the shock. This was apparently so impactful that he came home and told me about it! "She looked really pretty, Mama! For dancing, I mean. She had all kinds of make-up on. She had stuff on her eyes and face and lipstick on. Her hair was all slicked back, but she was really pretty." Oh, save us! Is this the beginning of the end?

Elise managed to break her bed today, from jumping on it. I hope I can fix it...

There we have it, Folks, the 2 ways we grow up. In one day...Can't we slow them down? Keep them our babies, just a tiny bit longer?


  1. Jack said, "Hello Beautiful" to Kristin Wood's daughter on Sunday. If he is this smooth a 5, what will 15 bring?

  2. The scary thing is that Gabriel's so gorgeous the girls are going to start swarming him. Buckle your chin strap, mom!