Friday, May 29, 2009

First Elephant

Yesterday, and what determined that I needed to start "elephant-ing" was the girls "cooking". I was listening to them playing on kitchen floor on the other side of the island...heard Amelia telling Elise that she was going to make her a cake...banging, water sounds, stirring ensued...when I come around to see it...Elise is IN the pot with small amount of water splashed from a sippy cup nozzle...while Amelia is stirring her feet and singing...I didn't realize Elise WAS the cake! :)

I started snickering of course and posted a quickie on Facebook...when I peeked again, it was to see Amelia with one foot in a sauce pan (Elise is now naked in the stew pot, with all of her clothes in around her feet) still stirring (to make sure it doesn't stick?) around Elise...Elise sees me and tells me that she is having a which Amelia responds, "NO! Making a CAKE!" I can only assume that perhaps Amelia is a side dish?

I would absolutely kill to hear what is going on in their crazy heads! Amelia can sometimes tell you, usually with no holds barred...that why I love 2 year olds so much!

Elise is a melancholy entity...I hope she can one day get her explanations out...that she won't ever give up...she is so funny and does such fun stuff, I call her my Firecracker! I fear with every passing year that her fire will go out...thankfully she has not so much as dimmed! I look forward to the day when she rolls her eyes and tells me what she thinks...and I will have to smother my laughter and post it!

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  1. Tiffany, this is great! What a precious story! I needed a little snicker today. Little girls are so fun! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more!